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James E. Durnin, Ph.D.


Innovative technical leader with over 20 years experience in Research and Development.

My expertise is in the application of system modeling, optimization, and statistical analysis to product and process development. Many corporations these days are learning to use system models as the basis for driving product and process development cycles. Creating models up front requires more time, but reaps huge benefits downstream. It allows one to flow high level customer requirements down to sub-system specifications, optimize the system as a whole for things such as yield and return on investment, and eliminate the cost of over specifying sub-systems that are pieced together after being separately designed and developed. Models also help in solving all the unexpected problems that arise at later stages, and provide a quick starting point for next generation product design.

My Specialties:
Mathematical modeling and optimization.
Statistical analysis.
"Design for Six Sigma" (DFSS) tools, metrics, software and methodology.
Scalar and vector diffraction modeling.
Intraocular lens modeling.
Design of optical and magnetic storage systems.